General Counseling

General Counseling

With a general MA in Counseling, you will acquire the necessary skills and field experience to help propel you into a prosperous and fulfilling career — or provide a solid foundation for you to apply to a doctorate-level program.



What courses will you take?

The 40 units of core courses, plus 8 units (below), for a minimum of 48 units:

  • COUN 713: Psychological Perspectives of Gender (2 units): Introduction to psychology of gender, with emphasis on psycho-social effects of genderization of women and men from an ecosystemic, multicultural, and feminist perspective. Attention is paid to gender-specific issues pertinent to mental health and well-being.
  • COUN 794: Counseling Field Experience (1-3 units each term; 6 units total): Students are engaged in fieldwork in clinical, school or college settings appropriate to department specialization(s) and career objectives. Weekly seminars held for specific specializations. Supervision provided by Counseling Department campus supervisors and department-approved field supervisors.




Cohort plans of study